When You Believe You Are Who God Says You Are, You Will Be Who God Says You Can Be, You Will Have What God Says You Can Have, And You Will Do What God Says You Can Do. You Will Fulfill Your Destiny

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God Really Does Have A Destiny Plan , For Your Life And You Can Know What It Is. , Before He created the earth, He saw you and He knew you. He knew your strengths and weaknesses, your gifts and talents. He knew the choices you would make, the things you would desire and the things that would fulfill your life. With that knowledge, God established a purpose and a plan for your existence. He established your destiny.

  • Get A Greater Understanding Of Scripture
  • Get A Greater Understanding Of Who You Are In Christ
  • Help You Overcome Self Defeating Thoughts
  • Help Increase Your Faith In All Areas of Your Life
  • Find Out Why Manifestation of A Promise has Not Come Yet

Abundant Life! Are You Experiencing it?

When you were born again your spirit man was immediately changed, but your mind has to renewed. Transformation can only take place when your mind is being renewed consistently every day.

We will fail to become successful, fulfilled, and overcoming Children of God if we never begin the process of renewing our minds in the knowledge of God. If we fail to take off the old man - the old habits of our carnal nature and put away that old lifestyle -and put on the new man, who is created in the image and likeness of God, we will never reach the highest level of living the abundant life God has already made available for us. God wants more for His children and He makes it easy if we are willing to follow and do what he says in his word.

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